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Replace your worn out distributor with an Electromotive XDi ignition and crank trigger for all engines (except 5 and 10 cylinder).

The XDi & Xdi2 direct ignition system provides the greatest timing accuracy and longest spark duration available from any aftermarket ignition system.  Utilizing a high resolution, 60-minus-2 tooth crank trigger wheel provides a spark accuracy of ¼ degree of crankshaft rotation. This accuracy makes the system ideal for the most demanding engines. Using multiple coils provides ample time to properly charge the coils for maximum power and spark duration at all RPMs.

 XDI delivers more power because:

  • Spark timing is precisely controlled under all conditions, including rapid engine acceleration
  • Crank trigger eliminates spark scatter due to gear lash and timing chain stretch
  • Accurate spark timing allows sustained engine operation closer to peak power timing
  • Operating range from 80-20,000 RPM
  • Long, 1000+ microsecond spark duration - 60+° duration at 10,000 RPM!
  • Built-in timing computer and rev limiter
  • No power draining magnetos or distributors to drive
  • No moving parts to wear out or replace
  • Built-in timing monitor lets you measure the advance with a voltmeter

XDI & XDI2 ignition systems

No laptop required for the XDi ignition. Simple programming everyone can understand, having 4 knobs to set the advance curve and rev limiter. Features include: staging rev limiter, remote rev limiter and manifold pressure (MAP) controlled boost retard.

The XDi 2 ignition has all the features of the XDi and is laptop programmable. The XDi2 providing greater timing control making it a great choice for turbo charged engines. All settings are laptop programmable, based on manifold pressure (engine load or boost) & RPM including: ignition timing, three programmable rev limiters, knock retard and programmable general purpose inputs and outputs for boost control, shift light, A/C and fan controls.