Installation Instructions

The following instruction sheets are available for download as PDF files (click on title):

- Clewett Engineering Throttle Body Installation Instructions  item 5000-40 & 46mm (1.5M PDF)
- PMO Throttle Body Installation Instructions  1105-XX and 9007-03&04 (2.7M PDF)
- Video Balancing PMO Throttle Bodies
- Hall Effect TPS & Adapter for PMO Throttle Bodies (284 kb PDF)
- 930 Installation Instructions item #9007-14&15 (2.9M PDF)
- 944 Porsche Crank Trigger Adapter (85 kb PDF)
- 944 Cam Sync Adapter (163 kb PDF)
- 2.0-3.3 Serpentine Belt Conversion (321 kb PDF)
- 964/993 Serpentine Fan Belt Conversion (71 kb PDF)
- Low charging fix for 964/993 Serpentine Fan Belt Conversion (104 kb PDF)
- TPS Adapter for 3.2 Carrera and 930 (252 kb PDF)
- TPS Adapter for 964 with plastic manifold (222 kb PDF)
- 911 Porsche Crank Trigger Adapter (1965-1972) 27mm distributor (18 kb PDF)
- 911 Porsche Crank Trigger Adapter  (1972-1998) 30mm distributor (253 kb PDF)
- 911 Porsche Cam Sync Adapter (no boss) (141 kb PDF)
- 930 Porsche 930 Turbo Scavenge Pump w/Cam Sync Adapter (246 kb PDF)
- 911 Porsche MFI Cam Sync Adapter (w/ boss) (110 kb PDF)
- 911 Porsche Head Temperature Sensor (178 kb PDF)
- Porsche 914-4 Crank Trigger Installation (279 kb PDF)
- Trigger Wheels - Old vs. New (html)

Electromotive WinTEC-3 calibration software, version 3.5.6 Download (7.84M) Runs on XP SP2 or older OS only

The latest of Electromotive's WinTEC-4 calibration software, version 4.11.56 Download (27.4M) 3/15/2021 

*If upgrading from WinTEC 4.9 or earlier, ensure that you update your firmware before beginning to tune with the new software, as unit may lock up if using new software with early firmware.  Also, make sure that after upgrading the software and firmware, you convert your files by resaving them before loading them onto the unit. You can tell if a file has been converted by its size. WinTEC 4.9 and earlier files are 10Kb, while WinTEC4.10 files are 12Kb.  If you don’t follow these instructions, you may end up having to send the unit back to Electromotive.

**It is important to note that if the unit is programmed using 4.10.– or newer software BEFORE the firmware has been upgraded, the unit may continue to work until the firmware is updated.  If it has been programmed with the new software before the firmware was upgraded, you must reload the 4.9.26 software and program the unit with an old format bin file. WinTEC 4.9 is available here  Then the new software can be reinstalled and the firmware can be updated.  If you have questions about whether the firmware falls into the older category, please email

WinTEC 4 Tuning Procedure - Download (307 kb PDF)  Updated 1/14/2018

Technical Service Bulletins:

Technical Service Bulletin from Electromotive on TECgt200, XDI200 and TECs200 - Download (114 kb PDF)  12/7/18

Electromotive's Installation & Calibration Manuals (These are large PDF documents and may download slowly):

- XDi200
- TEC-s200
- TEC-gt200
- XDi
- XDi-2
- TEC-gt
- TEC-3r
- TEC-s
- TEC-m

Wiring Pinout for - TEC-gt200, TEC-s200 & XDI-200


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