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The latest photos of this beauty on the dyno









This is one very special Manta. The Manta was a kit available in the 70s. It's not just another kit car. As you can see from the photos, this one was built as a serious racer.




Michael's Blown Drag Bug with TEC-3r


General Lee with TEC-3. Very nice replica inside and out with lots of power.

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Not too many Lotus Super 7s around powered by a Turbo BMW engine. A great way to have lots of fun on a winding road.



Lamborghini Diablo -- extremely fast!

Notice the twin turbo!!!


William Schenker winning his Auto-Cross class in his Miata--

see Track Talk for more!




TEC-2 Installation in a Turbo Rabbit. This is really a wild ride.



TEC-3 Installation in a beautifully-restored Datsun 510



Uprights for manufacturing custom car bodies

Engine Test Stand


Custom turbo oil tank





Nice Installation of a TEC-II Engine Management System into a Lotus Elan 


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