TPS Sensor & Adapter for 3.2 Carrera, 930, 944 & 914 Conversion

Hall Effect sensors are the latest in throttle position technology. They provide enhanced accuracy and reliability in extreme environments. They use a standard 5V supply voltage and expand the output voltage range over traditional sensors.The typical output voltage is .6V to 4.2V. Because there are no contacts or components to wear out within the sensor, life expectancy is greatly improved over traditional electromechanical sensors. Works with all ECUs using a sensor voltage of 0-5 volts. The high resolution output broad voltage range makes this an excellent choice for all EFI systems.

Simple bolt-on installation

Note : This kit works for 944 and 944 Turbo with modification to the drive adapter. Charge is $20 for modification.


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  • Model: 1001-74

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